Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1/16-digging out

I realize when I look back at last semester that I spent most if not all of it in a rut. I am in my 5th year of teaching and I think that I just went through the motions and did not put a lot of effort into improving myself as a teacher. I also do not remember having a lot of fun last semester. It wasn't awful but it was boring to me which meant that I am sure it was boring for the students. I do not know how to get myself out of this rut, but I need to try to find a way so that I can enjoy all the things that I liked about the job for the last four years. I think the attitude of the kids has been adding to my struggles. It seems that more and more I am having to answer the question "Why do I need this" and I have been unable to come up with a good answer. Maybe this is something that we need to address as a department before next year because this quesion in not going away.