Friday, October 28, 2005

10/28 p2

My first assignment for blogger is going to be for my students to evaluate a math website and post in onto Blogger. That way they can begin to see some of the resources that are available on the web. I am also thinking that I may do a blog for my advanced classes on calculator uses. They have to discover a new function on their calculator and post how to use it for the rest of the class. I just need to establish some guidelines.


I was reading my email and thought of a different way to use blogger. Is there any way to set up teachers onto blogger so that if they are trying to sell or give something away that they can use blogger instead of sending a school wide email (which we were told not to do). I do not know if this is an appropriate use for blogger but I thought I would throw the idea out there.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I am spending too much time trying to make sure that I am keeping up with the other teachers in my subject. I am afraid that if I do not continue to cover the material for each class then I will fall behind. I think that some of the essential learnings that we are talking about will help. Now I will be able to cover some material until the students know how to do it and it will give more time to cover other things. I need to make Blogging a priority in my class instead seeing where I can fit it into each lesson. I am planning on taking a class on the graphing calculator so I am more comfortable using that and I will be able to implement that next semester.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

5 for the future

How can I change the world...... at AHS in my classroom.