Friday, December 02, 2005


We are talking about getting rid of or changing the way we grade in class. This is a difficult change for most people involved. I talked with my algebra classes about the toy drive and told them about my experiences with helping those less fortunate kids. I asked them to try to help out and their first request was for extra credit to bring in toys. There is such an extreme focus on grades that needs to be changed, but what is the best way to change it? (I gave in, to help the Fletcher kids) Can these kids not see past grades that much to help these kids at Christmas time?


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

I understand why you gave in (softy!), but I would've tried (and maybe you did) to continue the conversation and encourage your students to focus on the other kids, not themselves. I think not giving in would've helped your students - and ultimately the Fletcher kids - more in the long run.

2:47 PM  
Blogger annes said...

It is a sad state of affairs when kids have to be promised extra credit in order to help those who are less fortunate. Good work on giving in though; I always knew you were a great big teddy bear!

8:12 PM  

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