Monday, January 23, 2006


I talked with my advanced algebra classes on Friday about the way the class is structured. They all seemed to enjoy the fact that they were working with partners each day to answer homework questions. They were able to get more individual questions answered in that time and they were not wasting there time going over the same question as a class. I wonder why I did not try this before. Too much control. I like the students taking control of their own learning and they seem to as well. I hope this continues to work.


Blogger meh said...

Try also letting them have control over their assessment too. I am getting ready to let my Prob Stat classes make up the next test. We are doing binomial probabilities and I want them to make up the questions and then I will choose the ones I will use. That way, if their question gets used, they know they will get it right.

2:08 PM  
Blogger annes said...

Mary has some good ideas. I think it would be interesting to assign different units to different kids and have them create part of the assessment.

1:23 PM  

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