Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I had the students in my Advanced Algebra class take a two part test yesterday. They did 13 problems in class and then had 7 problems as a take home. Today I had them work with a partner to go over their tests and I passed back the in class portion. As I was walking around, one pair of girls that have struggled with math in the past said that they are understanding it so much better by discussing problems. I had a student come up after class and say, "I finally understand what I am doing." He said he struggled on the in class portion, had a better understanding on the take home and finally got it working in class. It sounds like things are working well. I hope all the students will continue to see success.


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Very nice, James. I'm curious about the grading portion of this. As you know, I don't particularly care about the grade, but I know that many teacher do. How did you assign a grade for this test? Were the in-class problems 65% of the grade and the take-home 35% (based on number of questions)? I think many folks would be interested in hearing more about the grading piece.

I really like the student comments as well. I think we often forget the power of discussion by the students themselves. And if you believe in the Constructivist theory of learning, that's an essential part that has to take place for them to really learn. It truly has to make sense to them - it's not enough that they can follow the algorithm. By taking the time to discuss the problems (and concepts), you are really laying the groundwork for them to be successful in so many ways in the future.

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Blogger Crosby said...

It sounds like you are really reaching your kids! Math is sort of interesting, in that it may take some time for a concept to sink in, but when it finally does, you've really got it - like a lightbulb going on suddenly.

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