Monday, May 15, 2006


I tried yet another way to assess the students in a non-traditional manner. I could see that some students were still struggling with some steps in graphing parabolas. A quiz or test usually forces them into asking the questions that they need answered. I gave them three problems to do but I did them one at a time. The first one, they were able to work with partners to get through the problem. I then gave them the answer to this problem so that they knew if they did it right and could ask their partner for help if the did not. I then had them work individually on the next problem but they could use their notes and anything that they wrote down from working with their partners. The last problem, they had to work on their own without any notes to get through the problem. It seemed that the students asked a lot of questions that allowed them to progress to the point that they could get through the problem on their own. All of the problems had the same number of points (which I might consider changing in the future). It was a last minute decision, but I think it worked well.


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