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I was reading a post on the Fischbowl and also reading me emails about the homework assignments when I came across an article that Pat Wilson sent to me. It is about the attitude and lack of effort of our students. It got me thinking about all the work that all of us are putting into this class to try and become better teachers. I am just wondering what our students are going to do in respnse. Here is a link to the article that my give more insight:
I am wondering how many of you agree with this article. If you do, how does this make you feel about all the work that we are doing to get better?


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Well, I certainly agree that often students are not putting forth the effort they need to to be successful, but I disagree with the tone of the article and some of the conclusions. If students are presented with what appears to them to be meaningless assignments that have no connection to them, why would they put forth the effort? If their teachers have not put forth the effort to make the connections between their curriculum and their students, and haven't put forth the effort to create an engaging lesson, why would we expect the students to do otherwise?

I'm not excusing the students here, they do have a responsibility. (And, as Cris Tovani says, often the teachers are the ones who are exhausted at the end of the day because they've been doing all the work.) But I think it's way too easy to "blame the students" instead of addressing some of the root causes of the problem. I guess at this point in my career I really don't care about whose fault it is, I just want to do the best job we can for our students.

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