Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4/5 - goals

Students are working with partners every day in all of my classes. I believe that they are gaining a better understanding of the materials that we cover in class because they are getting more individual questions answered. This is working better in my Advanced Algebra classes than it is with my freshman classes. I have varied the assessments in my classes to allow students to work together or use their notes. I have also given tests back for the students to make corrections on the test before it was graded and students were able to correct some careless mistakes by taking time to look back at their test. The partner tests create a lot of discussion about the problems as they are working.
I have had both students and parents comment that they have a better understanding of what is being missed on quizzes and tests because I have been grading careless mistakes different from understanding mistakes. I also allowed students to correct one of their own tests in class and the response was that they really could understand exactly what they got wrong on every problem. The participation has increased in class and I have stopped taking points each week. I think that it forced the students into participating and they are more comfortable raising their hands. I have not allowed all students to come in and make up points, but I have talked to some of the struggling students to come in for a better understanding.


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

This sounds great! Of course I like that the students are taking more ownership and control, but I also like that parents are apparently seeing the difference as well.

Can you try to compare the feeling you have about your classes right now with how you felt at this point in the semester previously? These changes have obviously made a difference, but how big of a difference?

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