Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5/30-end of the semester

I think that this has been one of the most effective semesters that I have had in four years of teaching. This is especially ture with my Advanced Algebra classes. I think that a majority of the students had a better understanding of the materials that we were covering because they were able to get specific questions answered by their peers each day. The students also were able to use a variety of methods for assessment that showed their understanding of the materials. In the past, I have used assessments as a means to make the students understand the material before the test, put pressure on them to prepare for test and show how well they know it on their own. The grades on these tests have declined in the three years that I have done it this way. This year I did not worry as much about the grade and the pressure of a test and I tried to allow the students to learn along the way and find different ways that they can be successful on the material besides one test on their own. The sruggles that I had this semester was having the same types of successes in my freshmen classes. The students in that class would not ask as many questions and seemed that they had more trouble adjusting to working with partners. The testing did provide opportunities for them to show an understanding, make corrections and realize more of their mistakes that they were making on tests. I would like to continue to give a variety of testing strategies but I need to figure out how to be more productive with all of my classes during the partner time. I am happy with most of the changes that I have implemented this semester and I am eager to continue to adapt my class to make my students more successful throughout the years.


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Sounds like you made some definite progress and have some direction on where you want to head next year. Perhaps being able to start with the freshmen at the beginning of next year and really stressing what your goals are will be effective. Also, most likely you will have most of those freshmen all year long (IC willing), so that may help as well.

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