Tuesday, August 22, 2006

8/22 - properties

I was trying to think of another way that I caould teach all the properties that are introduced at the start of our Algebra 2 book. The students have seen most of the properties before but might not remember examples and names. I decided that I would try to have the students teach each other. I wrote out an example of 15 different properties and cut them out individually. I gave each student a different property that they had to define from the book. I had the students put their books away and go around to other students in the class and ask them to explain their property. The students seemed to do pretty well and not have many questions on the meaning of the properties, but I think my biggest problem was the students were rushed for time to complete all the properties. They started to copy them down instead of verbalizing them. It seemed to work and all the students were involved in the process. I will definately considering doing this more when there are multiple definition or properties that have to be covered.


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