Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2/21 - goals

Here are the goals that I wrote up before last meeting but I am finally posting them.

v I will more actively involve my students in their learning of the topics in math class.

Ø I will have the students work with a partner everyday to answer questions that they have about previous lessons and the current lesson.

Ø I will allow students to work together on problems in class to discuss the steps needed to get to an answer.

Ø I will vary assessments with additional materials available to the students like open note, partner tests, open book, etc.

v I will increase the communication of the understanding of each student through more effective grading practices.

Ø In my Advanced Algebra classes, I will grade all quizzes and tests with grades for the current material that we are covering and a separate grade for careless mistakes.

Ø I will grade participation in class to increase the communication with students in class every day.

Ø I will allow students to make up points on their quizzes and tests by coming in to the math office to gain a better understanding of the material.


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