Friday, February 24, 2006


I had a conversation with my Advanced Algebra classes about assessments. The last test I gave a in-class portion and a take home. The students did much better on the take home portion, not surprising. I asked why. Their response was that they feel rushed in class and most of the added pressure of a test is because of time constraints. Most said that they did not even use their notes that much on the take home part of the test. I asked how they would change their in class tests. I had each class come up with what they wanted the test to look like. How many problems, what types, and how to grade it. The said they would rather have fewer problems worth more points so they have time to go over answers. I shorten my test from last year and many of the students are having some time to review their answers before they turn it in for grading. We will see if this helps. Who knew that you can ask the students to come up with a test that will show what they know from advanced algebra not to show how many careless mistakes they can make when they rush through a test.


Blogger Karl Fisch said...

Excellent! Let us know how they (and you) feel after your next test. Also you might consider asking them (or yourself) what role (if any) you feel assessment has in helping learn the material.

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